Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Problems installing VS2010 Release Candidate

We have been working on an entity framework data access layer where we use T4 templates to generate the POCO classes. In Beta2 this functionality was not complete therefore we needed VS2010 RC to properly test out our DAL. The uninstall of VS2010 was really no problem. Since I am working on an old Windows XP workstation I needed to apply Windows XP service Pack 3. The service pack took a very long time to clean up, I needed to let it run over night.

The problem came when I installed VS2010. The setup dialog came up, I was able to go through some of them and then suddenly they disappeared. After rebooting the Installation failed with a message box saying there are some problem with CiceroUIWndFrame in setup.exe right after it finishes loading components.

After some searching I found

The solution was “Display the language bar at the taskbar, right-click on it and choose settings. Then you remove the hand writing support from the list.”. Thank god for internet because I would never have come to the idea that the Beta 2 had installed a handwriting support into my language settings!